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Orn-ing Frozen Fruit Co.,Ltd is a developer and distributor of processed natural fruits-under the concept of NUTRi-LoC. Orn-ing’s is to lock the goodness of nutrition in a variety of processing methods for the benefit of consumers. All of Orn-Ing’s manufacturing partners compile to global manufacturing standards including GMP, ISO and HACCP.

Orn-ing’s inaugural product is the 100% Natural Golden Nam-Dok-Mai Frozen Mango Ice Cream. This variety of mango is only available in parts of Thailand and is one of the most popular varieties amongst Thais. Orn-Ing’s Frozen Mango Ice Cream is served with a stick- 100% natural wth no added flavor or artificial colour.

Golden Mango

The uniqueness of “Namdokmai Mango”… The sweet, juicy Nam Dok Mai mango is a relative of the ordinary mango. It is also known as the “golden mango” This mango contains large quantities of vitamin C. The fruit has an attractive “S” shape, a creamy yellow skin and soft yellow flesh. This fruit has a much flatter stone than the ordinary mango and is a true taste sensation. The flesh is soft, juicy and sweet and, unlike ordinary mangoes, is not fibrous. Nam Dok Mai has a slight honey fragrance and tastes like a very sweet mango.

The oval Nam Dok Mai mango is native to Thailand, where it grows on trees as much as 35 m high. The tree can go on producing fruit for more than 300 years.

Snapshot of Manufacturing Process Since the fresh, nature, and sweet fruits of Orn-Ing products are processed by IQF hi-tech machines, the products quality preserve its freshness, and tastiness like the original ones.

GREEFA Sorting, Grading, Sizing Machines

To classified the size and skin specification of mango as required by our client, the GREEFA machines of the Netherlands are used to sort the fruit by size (weight) and flaws on the mango skin by using the HD camera with the capture of 60 images per round, the flaws of all fruits can be precisely sorted.

IQF Machine With the main emphasis on the fruit quality, Orn-Ing chooses to use the machines with high technology to produce the best IQF fruit products for our consumers.

IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) is one of the most popular preservation of fruits as the fruits can preserve their original taste and freshness through the quick freezing. For the best IQF fruit products, the modern machine from Sweden are chosen due to the following advantages:

  • The pieces of fruits are perfectly separated.
  • Reduce the internal water loss, as the quick freezing on fluidized plates . The IQF fruit products still maintain a perfect shape and beautiful appearance.
  • Preserve its natural color and taste of the fruits.

Our expertise and researcher work closely with the team in every process from Examine and test the soil Control humidity in the soil Use natural process to control bugs and weeds Well taking the plant for the best result Harvest the fruits at the right time when it’s ready Clean it and pick only the one that meets the standard Naturally Maturing process Manually Brix Test by color standard Laser Brix Test Process Peeling and putting the stick on Shock Freeze process

QC and Packing
Preserved at 18C temperature

We have been putting all the afford in every process for our customers to get the highest quality product. Our product will make you feel like you are having a fruit fresh from farm because of the innovation of the freezing technology that well preserve the freshness in the product. Moreover, with our experienced staffs, you can be sure that our products were made with high standard, clean and safe. Not only a good taste you will get but we care about your happiness and wellness as well.

The Healthy Choice

We handpick the finest quality Nam Dok Mai mangos together with GMP standard processing to offer our consumers refreshing and consistent tasting mangos all year round. This all natural frozen treat is rich in Vitamin A,&C and Beta Carotene , which makes it the perfect snack for all ages.


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Product Description

Brand :
Products Detail :
100% Real Mango Frozen with a stick.
Product Weight :
65 g.
Product Barcode :
8 857124 842014
Inner Pack :
Qty Per Carton :
80 Pcs.
Product Shelf Life :
24 Months
Country of Origin :

Carton Details

Dimension :
W 26 cm. x L 45 cm. x H 21 cm.
Net Weight Per Carton (Kgs) :
5.6 Kg.(max) calculated from mango stick.
Gross Weight Per Carton (Kgs) :
5.7 Kg.
Carton Qty Per 20' Container :

FOB BKK Per Unit (USD) :
FOB BKK Per Carton (USD) :
Retail Price Per Unit in BKK (BTH) :
Order Lead Time (Days) :
As we do not stock the finish product in large guantity,also as you know that mango has the period for harvest so, planning for long term period could be better.
Minimum Order (Cartons) :
850 Carton /20 Ft Container.

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Our Process

1. We selected the best Golden Nam-Dok-Mai Mango from our farm.
2. Use only certified process from
- Thai FDA
- Department of Curriculum and Instruction Development
- Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives